Your mind is the most powerful diet tool you have ever come across.  Forget the fad diets, 3 min exercise routines and wonder pills.  Change your mind and change you life.  Hypnosis can tap into your subconscious and kick start some positive changes.  Our bodies respond to positive and negative thoughts, our emotional responses manifest themselves physically.  So it makes sense that by changing negative thought patterns you break free of repressive and destructive habits.

Positive change with hypnosis is like reprogramming your brain and body to think and feel in a more productive way.  If your body reacts to thought patterns and you have a history of weight issues that you constantly think about, consciously your body has been negatively programmed.  These kinds of negative thoughts can counteract all your efforts with dieting and exercise.  Positive change with hypnosis is a proven method in the area of weight loss.

Hypnosis can help resolve issues you didn’t even know you had.  The subconscious mind is the key to unlocking both the reasons behind your problems and answers to them.  Through hypnosis you can direct your mind to function in a way that will create positive change in your life.

In terms of weight loss hypnotherapy audio MP3s and CDs can reprogram your mind and body to do almost anything you like.  Speed up your metabolism, diminish your appetite, and reduce your cravings for unhealthy foods such as caffeine and sugar.  Hypnosis can increase your desire to exercise, increase your motivation and raise your self-confidence.  Hypnosis can give you back control of your life.

The use of audio MP3s and CDs are common in positive change hypnotherapy, the subject simply listens while they relax sitting or lying down in a quiet room where they won’t be disturbed.  Change can almost be effective immediately but it is recommended listen to the session daily for seven days and then thereafter as you require it.

Losing weight through hypnosis is a much healthier and more productive option than binge dieting, starvation or over exercising.  All of these methods leave you vulnerable to regaining the weight because they don’t actually address the real problems.  Generally people with weight problems have issues with the way they think about food.  This could be what food represents to them or the way food makes them feel emotionally.  You can take back control of your relationship with food in a healthy and safe way with hypnosis.

The practice of hypnosis can be traced back throughout history and is an ancient form of holistic healing.  Hypnosis works with the subconscious mind and focuses on changing patterns of thinking that may be detrimental.  In terms of losing weight this may mean changing your attitude towards food and exercise.  It may also mean introducing positive patterns of thinking to the subconscious in order to influence a better conscious behavior.  Your thought patterns are so powerful that they have a physiological effect.  Have you ever heard the saying “think up, feel up”? When you have a negative thought or idea it manifests itself in a physical and emotional way.  It’s like a self-fulfilling prophecy you that you will begin to feel how you think.  This is because on a cellular level your body is reacting to negative thought patterns.

Hypnosis deals with positively reprogramming these thoughts and will help to “think up and feel up”!!  The body’s response to positive imagery and suggestions can be physically apparent.  There are a number of ways a hypnosis session might be applied in weight loss.  The therapist doing the audio session may attach a negative sensation to the idea of over eating or eating high fat foods.  They may suggest you no longer desire chocolate or cake or coke.  Alternatively they may make suggestions in a way that increases motivation, will power or desire to exercise.

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