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Like other addictions alcohol dependency is predominantly caused by factors in your life that lead to destructive subconscious thought patterns.  Alcohol, like cigarettes and food can be a coping mechanism.  The reasons for the addiction vary greatly but the solution is fundamentally the same for everyone.  People use alcohol to dull the pain of an unpleasant memory, a situation, an emotion or problem.  They may use alcohol in order to lubricate social situations.


Binge drinking is also a major form of alcoholism and that in itself has many different contributing factors.

Hypnosis is a proven method of treatment for alcohol addiction and the principals are similar to treatment for weight problems or cigarette addiction.  There are a number of techniques used to bring about change.  These include motivational, negative imagery and sensory perception and self-hypnosis.

Motivational suggestions include reversing negative thoughts relating to alcohol and reducing the desire to drink or reverting focus towards another more productive activity. This kind of approach focuses on getting to the root of the problem, addressing why you feel the need to drink.  If you drink excessively in a social setting you may have confidence and self-esteem issues.  If you drink to forget your problems, then dealing with those problems will help reduce your desire to drink.

Introducing negative suggestions to the subconscious is one method of treatment used.  It is a controversial technique, yet can be very effective.  This practice makes use of negative imagery, emotions or perceptions in deterring a patient from their addiction.  With alcohol this could mean introducing the suggestion that every time they have a drink, even a small sip, they will feel physically nauseous.  They may associate a nasty image or even an emotional response to the use of alcohol.

Self-hypnosis; this is an amazing tool that works on changing your subconscious thought patterns. It can change your life for the better. It involves using positive reinforcement and imagery to effective reversal of harmful negative habits.  This means creating new imagery around alcohol, looking at your life without it and what a positive effect that would have on your future.  Effectively, you will envision a whole new lifestyle for yourself.

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