This self hypnosis audio material available for download has been very helpful to many people in dealing with their weight issues. I am sure that you will be pleasantly pleased with the results you can achieve with this audio hypnosis induction whether you download it immediately as a MP3 file or order a CD through the post. Please review the following material and if you have any further questions or concerns feel free to call or email.


When you are using this self hypnosis session for weight loss it is important to remember, you have not always been overweight. You began your life with the weight nature intended for you. An unhealthy lifestyle can result in weight gain. The issues caused by being overweight can result in serious health problems such as high blood pressure or diabetes. We all desire to be happy and healthy.


When change is desired and you have decided to use hypnosis as a feasible therapy, quite often you will probably have tried many diets and supplement “quick fixes” only to achieve at best, temporary success. The reason for this is that using these methods to reduce weight entails an approach that uses only part of our mind, our conscious mind.


How can hypnosis help you in the reduction of weight? Making an effort to lose weight using only the conscious mind is very difficult. To successfully take off the weight and keep it off, we need to access our subconscious mind.

Resolving the separation of our minds and getting both the conscious and the subconscious mind to agree will be easily achieved by using hypnosis.


What is hypnosis and how will it help? Hypnosis is an instrument that is used with great success globally in many areas, quitting smoking, weight loss. Stress management, self improvement and habit control. To put it more simply, hypnosis is a method used to convey an image, a suggestion or concept to the subconscious mind. The exciting reality is that for behavioural change only a light state of hypnosis needs to be achieved to successfully change your thoughts and desires in bringing about healthier habits. This light state of hypnosis is very similar to the state we all have experienced many times in our everyday lives in the form of daydreaming.


Through hypnosis, the successful reduction of weight is achieved by changing behavioural patterns such as, overeating, craving sweets, drinking sodas or exercising more frequently, it is important to emphasize the crucial part played by you and your motivation, desire and willingness to succeed will make the difference between short-term versus long term and lasting results. Often the effects of a single hypnosis session for weight reduction have been known to last a lifetime! Simply stated, ‘the more intense the need, the easier the how’.


Before the self hypnosis induction session begins, I suggest you think about how habits are formed and the idea that perhaps you might previously have convinced yourself into believing that you cannot stop your unhealthy lifestyle habits. And, these thoughts may have been continually re-enforced with that same harmful belief over and over again and therefore formulating, solidifying and embedding your negative beliefs about yourself into your subconscious mind that say, I cannot quit overeating, etc. etc. You may have quite literally hypnotized yourself into believing that you cannot have success in weight loss.


It is with this hypnosis audio recording we will de-hypnotize you of these negative beliefs and raise your self esteem by reaching your subconscious mind and changing these thoughts linked with unhealthy habits to happier more positive thoughts of a thinner, healthier you. The hypnosis recording will then reinforce these new positive thoughts that will create a permanent, new slimmer you.


You may now be asking yourself, “If I start using this self hypnosis for weight loss audio download today, how long will it take for my brain to re-program itself? Good question. There is scientific research from NASA and they wanted to understand how long it would take to reprogram an astronaut’s brain in a weightless environment. They attempted to understand what would happen if they changed an astronaut’s entire perception of reality by flipping their visual input upside down. They put special lenses on the astronauts that changed their visual field so that their entire perception flipped upside down. This means their brain had to deal with the stress of perceiving everything being upside down.


This is what NASA discovered. It took between 26 and 40 days before every one of the astronaut’s world perception views turned right side up again. This means their brains had completely reprogrammed themselves in a way that related to all of their spatial perception, their visual processing, and anything that the special convex lenses altered. That is an amazing mind adjustment. Most hypnotherapists agree that behaviours become permanent in about 30 days.


What does this mean for you? It indicates that if you use this self hypnosis audio download everyday for at least 30 days then you should start rewiring your brain to your new reality. The hypnotic audio downloads will assist you to start making these changes immediately with the end result, a new, happier, healthier, slimmer you.


Can you do this? Of course you can, all you have to do is find a quite place where you won’t be disturbed, put on your headphones, sit or lie down, relax, breath deeply and listen to the life changing hypnotic affirmations.


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