Any of the above methods will train your subconscious mind to change the habits of a lifetime. You can use any of these methods one at a time, a few of them together; I use these methods as a form of meditation to achieve the goals I want in my life and I have great success with them.

Use these very powerful methods of entrainment to

Shatter the Beliefs that are Limiting Your Life

  • Powerful Manifesting

  • Creating Change

  • Develop Intuition

  • Discover Your Calling

  • Financial Success

  • Positive Thinking and Results

  • Eliminate Stress and Anxiety

  • Create Positive Thinking

  • Meditation and More

  • Instruct The Subconscious Mind

  • Be Your Best

  • Eliminate Depression


Believe it or not I get a lot of emails everyday from people who want to achieve their goals but simply can’t get their mind focused on the tasks that need to be focused on to achieve the success they want. This happens because the mind is simply not used to focusing on your goals and completing those tasks.


So how do you get your mind to change? How do you train your subconscious mind?

The first step is to stop the mind doing what it is used to doing – break the pattern that you’ve been following up to now. This will require some effort but with the help of the powerful methods listed above; the rewards will allow you to live the life you want and enjoy the level of success that you want.


One thing that always works for me is to think about my goals every morning; as I lay in bed, thinking about my goals and aspirations, I think about what I can do to achieve them during the day. Then I Put on my headphones and listen to my meditations.

If you find that you constantly say to yourself: “I don’t know what do to do to achieve my goals.” i promise you: all you have to do is listen to your meditations and your subconscious mind will do the rest.

To change your life – just change your mind

By doing the above exercises you will train your mind to focus on finding solutions while at the same time you direct your subconscious mind to create the opportunities for you to succeed. And, you will begin to create a new patterns in your thinking and you start to train your mind to work differently. You’re now telling your chauffeur where you want to go. This will eliminate all the confusion and allow you to achieve your goals.

“I just can’t seem to concentrate. My mind is all over the place, what can I do?” First understand that you’re not going to magically get your mind to focus or concentrate without you taking some form of action fist. When you finally do take action your mind will still resist; but as you continue taking action the resistance will reduce and finally subside. So what action should you take? First, check out the methods I just outlined above. Find the method or methods you like. Most of them are in MP3 format, so all you really have to do is sit back and listen.

Just Make The Time

Finally it seems a lot of people have come to believe that they just don’t have the time to achieve their goals. If you are one of the many who have such a belief then you have convinced yourself that your goals are not worthy of your time. Because if they were you would make the time to achieve them. I’m not talking about spending an entire day or even a few hours on this, it only takes 10 to 15 minutes, once in the morning and once in the evening for best results. If you cannot manage twice a day, then do it once a day; anything is better than nothing.Do it for 28 days and you’ll have dramatic results. After 28 days a new habit will become entrenched in your subconscious mind and will become an automatic response.

Try to think about your goals at different intervals during the day? For example: you may have a few minutes while you’re taking a walk – think of your achieving your goals. You could also do this while you’re taking a shower, driving, walking, anytime, pay attention to your thoughts. Are these thoughts actually working for your or against you? Would it be better to focus on your goals or keep recycling the negative clutter or junk in your head? The choice is yours and taking action is really about taking the first small step.

Have a happy life.


To change your life – just change your mind